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  • IFRS News 2018/2
    We begin this second edition of 2018 with the revised ‘Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting’. We then move on to look at two other recent IASB publications: Amendments to IAS 19 ‘Employee Benefits’ and an Exposure Draft on ‘Accounting Policy Changes (Proposed amendments to IAS 8)’. We then consider ESMA’s recent report on what European accounting enforcers have been doing during the past year, and an EFRAG Discussion Paper on ‘Equity Instruments – Impairment and Recycling’.
  • Germany - Turkey Country Desk
    Together with our German Office, we established "Germany-Turkey Country Desk" in order to provide a range of linked services to the companies operating in both countries. We are ready to assist you with the best resources.
  • Global Transfer Pricing Guide 2018
    Boards are under increasing pressure from regulators and customers alike to engage more broadly with stakeholders and build their views and expectations into the strategy and management of the business. In the 2018 report we explore how businesses can respond in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Grant Thornton News Bulletin - No 25
    In this issue, you can find the news about the change in our management, additionally, articles about the update of the external audit limits, revaluation of immovable properties registered in the business asset and the tax burden it brings to the companies, corporate innovation and performance management, main differences between the real estate invenstment partnership and real estate investment fund and lastly, the latest update of the Law no 7143 in terms of the accounts receivables from partners.
  • Power of Personalisation: Hotels Roadmap to 2020
    Hotels are under pressure. Airbnb and other sharing economy providers are growing in popularity. More and more guests are booking through online travel agents (OTAs) that take substantial commissions. And when guests do arrive, they expect the same immediacy of service and control they get at home and at work through their smartphones.
  • Corporate Governance Report 2018
    The 2018 edition of the Grant Thornton global transfer pricing guide gives invaluable information to help steer through difficult waters. The guide includes a jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction overview of transfer pricing rules in place, how these are likely to be affected by BEPS and when changes are likely to be introduced.

Germany- Turkey Country Desk

At Grant Thornton Turkey and Grant Thornton Germany, we offer a comprehensive range of services to support German firms wishing to enter into Turkish market and Turkish firms planning to venture into German market. For more information please visit here.

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